My Published Works

My published works and writing career go beyond just independent political blogging and social commentary, although that is a personal passion. I have worked for over five years as a content writer on Fiverr and other online platforms for professional bloggers online. In addition to this blog, I have self-published a few books as well as submitting short stories, blog articles, and other engaging content.

As a professional freelancer, all of my ratings have been 5-star raving reviews, many from repeat clients who have returned for repeat projects over the years.

Below is a list of publications and content I have produced including articles, books and short stories along with content online.

I’ve written content for various niches online. If you’d like to see more portfolio samples or have a specific request, send me an email at


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Marriage As We Know it Is Over: A case For Emotionally Intimate Friendships

Published by Elephant Journal

Here I discuss the state of marriage, friendship, and relationships in America and discuss a departure from past traditional norms.


The Little Known History of Earth Day

Published by Ren Rising

An article I published with Renrising detailing the history of the internationally renowned Earth Day celebration.

Could General Motors Change the Electric Car Industry?

Published by Car Chat

An article I wrote for the Carchat blog discussing the impact General Motors could have this new and upcoming industry. Could GM give Musk a run for his money?

How The Coronavirus is Impacting the U.S Car Industry

Published by Car chat

This article discusses the impact COVID-19 has had on the automotive industry in the United States.

Meet Libertarian Senatorial Candidate Dale Kerns

Published by Ask a Libertarian

An article I wrote for popular social media page Ask a Libertarian after an interview with the Libertarian Party senatorial candidate from PA, Dale Kerns.

Customizing Your Tech Stack for H1B Visa Requirements

Published by

In this article, I wrote explaining to students seeking H1B Visa approval how they can customize their skills and Tech Stacks to ensure they meet the visa requirements based on their skills and career.

Trump Orders Freeze on H1B: Here’s What You Should Know

Published by

This article explains the implications for H1B applicants and recipients of Trump’s executive order freezing new H1B Visa application approvals.


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You’re Wrong About Immigration: An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Published by Kindle Direct Publishing

In this book, I discuss and critique American immigration policy in the form of a respectful but honest letter to the president. This book can be purchased as a paperback or Kindle from Amazon.

Short Stories

freelance short story ghost writer

Squire Ryanus

Published by Short Story Press

The fantasy fiction short, Squire Ryanus, follows the story of a young paladin who must seek a sacred and holy artifact the Shield of Light to become dubbed a noble paladin. On the way, he meets a wizard and a few other eccentric characters and engages in a perilous adventure to recover the shield from the forces of darkness. This book can be downloaded on Smashwords, Kindle, and various mediums online.

Mage Finals

Published by Short Story Press

The story of a young mage who must pass his final test from the magical academy to finally become a wizard’s apprentice. Others have failed before, but does he have what it takes? It seems an easy enough task, but as this young and aspiring wizard will soon find out, all is not as it seems, especially when magic is involved. This book can be downloaded on Smashwords, Kindle, and various mediums online.

Press Releases/Media

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Book Release: You’re Wrong About Immigration: An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Published by Pr Newswire, Yahoo! Finance and others

My Published Works – This was a press release I wrote to announce the release of my book, “You’re wrong About Immigration: An Open Letter to Donald Trump” You can find it on PR News wire as well as online publications like Yahoo! Finance and a few other local and state sources throughout Pennsylvania.

Political Commentary

commentary on independent politics and views

How the U.S Government Spawned an American Refugee Crisis

Published by Ask a Libertarian

Here I discuss how the policies and actions of the federal government have contributed to a border and refugee crisis in the United States. This article can be found on the WordPress run by popular social media site Ask a Libertiarian

American Voters Should Consider Jo Jorgensen. Here’s Why

Published by Elephant Journal

An article I wrote discussing the 2020 Libertarian presidential candidate, Jo Jorgensen.


Criminal Justice At a Crossroads: Defund the Police or Privatization

Published by Freedom Magazine

I discuss police privatization vs. proposed “defund the police” measures.

Published by Elephant Journal-Magazine Feature