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Dave Beaver

Dave Beaver is a self-published author, freelance writer, and a proudly independent voter and thinker. He has a passion for independent politics and thinking outside of the box while challenging others to do the same through in-depth discussion on important social issues. In addition to the commentary on third-party and independent politics he’s produced, he’s also worked as a freelance writer and is a self-published author with many works available online. As a freelancer, he has produced professional blogs, web content, sales copy, press releases, and even books as an online writer on Fiverr and other online platforms.

Although, as a former Libertarian Party member, he has taken an interest in third party politics, he’s officially registered as an independent voter. He considers himself an independent in his views and thoughts, both social and political, but to some extent, spiritual as well. He has written press releases and other content for the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania as well as content and libertarian blogs for popular social media sites like Ask a Libertarian.

In addition to web content, books, and blogs, he is also something of a political advocate, writing letters professionally to members of Congress, governors, local officials, and other elected representatives. He also hopes to become something of an advocate for change, not just in spreading his independent views but challenging people to think for themselves and giving a voice to those who otherwise might not have one.

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The Eye of The Individual

Although the author considers himself a libertarian-leaning independent, make no mistake, this isn’t just one of your standard Libertarian blogs. This is a blog and website for independent views, discussions, and ideas to thrive. Whether you’re independent in politics, politically apathetic, or the member of a third party, your presence and your thoughts are welcome here.

The Eye of The Individual, in conjunction with our social media community The Independent Thought Society, is a haven for independent thinkers in politics, cultural and societal issues, current events, and a long list of other things. We hope to include the voices of other independent thinkers outside the oversimplified spectrum of political binary and the culture wars that seem to dominate the discussion in America.

As the name suggests, this blog is about many different important topics confronting our society, from the view of the individual independent thinker. It’s a haven for free thought, new ideas, independent views, and hopefully open and civil discussion. We also hope to use it as an instrument for change as we seek to elevate the discussion and pursue creative problem-solving in lieu of the name-calling and 2-dimensional thinking that seems to dominate American society.

The United States was founded by independent thinkers, and we hope to bring that back. Consider the Eye of The Individual, a website for independent thinkers and independent views.

We hope to be home to thoughtful discussion and adult conversations and definitely want to hear from you. If you have any input, thoughts to add, or suggestions for improvement for future content, don’t hesitate to contact the page.