Why Do F1 Students In The USA Clamor For OPT Jobs?-guest post by Sophia Harris

Guest post by Sophia Harris

Many immigrants all over the world are striving to find their way into the United States. Many immigrants have been able to find this path through their education and training and pursuing OPT Job programs and eventually H1B visas. In the past, things looked dire for H1B visa applicants and the future seemed unsure for OPT workers as well. Fortunately things may be taking a different turn as America enjoys a new president.

Still, one thing hasn’t changed over the years. Everyone wants to come to America, but it isn’t an easy path. Many may find a step in the right direction, however, by pursuing an OPT program.

The United States of America has won everybody’s heart all over the world. No one dislikes America. The United States of America is a land of many opportunities. There’s nothing wrong with loving the United States and wanting to live there. Yet there many who aspire to live there or at very least spend as much time there as they can. The United States will always attract young people from around the globe who wish to enjoy the country’s many liberties like freedom of speech. Along with that, many enjoy a unique culture, which includes an ecliptic blend of people from countries all over the world.

The United States is home to Hollywood, which plays a major role in why the country is so popular. Many aspiring immigrants, for instance, admire the example of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a highly successful actor and famous movie star and even went on to become the governor of California. All of his success began with his dream to come to the United States of America.

The USA is also famous for some of the best Universities in the world. Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, and Yale University are some of the names of highly reputed Universities in the world situated in the United States of America. American universities provide quality education in a friendly and peaceful environment allowing international students to socialize and make friends. The life of American Universities is amazing. Many students come to the United States determined to study and achieve the life goals in the USA. America is a great country, but to land and live in this country sometimes becomes too expensive, especially for International Students. The majority of International Students apply for the (Optional Training Program) OPT Jobs program to gain practical experience by entering the US labor market. It also allows them to make some money to support their expenses.

Finding a job in the US while studying is a great idea. You can cover your expenses and gain practical experience in the US job market. As an international student, you will get 12 months for OPT Jobs. You can work for any American employer in that 12 month period, even if your job role and your education program are different from each other. You can work for any employer no matter what course you have elected but only in the category of OPT Jobs. There is a similar program to OPT Jobs which is (Curricular Practical Training) CPT Jobs in which you can only work for an employer who belongs to the industry of your education program. CPT Jobs are curricular based done to gain practical experience in the US market. But OPT Jobs are the best for all the international students as if you don’t get a job in a field relevant to your education program you would still be able to do OPT Jobs for employers who are not relevant to your education program. This is the difference between CPT and OPT Jobs.



The main benefit of OPT Jobs is not the 12-month program but the 24-month extension that you can get after the completion of your 12 month OPT Job program. That means you can work for a total of 36 months in the US without changing your visa status from an F1 visa to some other work visa. You can get a 24-month extension for OPT Jobs under the STEM OPT Extension program. STEM OPT Jobs are jobs that fall under the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics category. If your education program comes under this category you will be able to extend your 12 month OPT Job for 24 more months.


The Importance of OPT Jobs is different in every international student’s life. Some students take the OPT Job program to enter the American Job market while some choose it to earn money through the 12 month OPT Job program. Very lucky are those who work in the relevant field as per their education program while earning money at the time. You can apply for your OPT Job program before or after the completion of your education program. Most international students apply for OPT Jobs after completing the first year of their program.

The STEM extension can help you in getting a Permanent Residency Card or Green Card if you apply for OPT Jobs and STEM extension after completing your master’s program. Your master’s program is of two years and your OPT Job with STEM extension is of three years so you are giving your five years to the USA. After completing your OPT Jobs with STEM extension you will become experienced and talented enough to get an H1b visa. That’s it! Get an employer who can handle the cost and documentation process to get you sponsored on an H1b visa or tell your old employer to sponsor you after the completion of your OPT and STEM OPT Jobs. Visit the official website of US immigration https://www.uscis.gov/ for more details.


It is tuff to get an employer who can sponsor you on an H1b visa from outside the USA. The process of getting a permanent residence card or Green card is even lengthier. The best way to achieve a US Green card or an H1b visa is to get an OPT Job and extend it under the STEM OPT Jobs category. It can be the most rewarding opportunity if you work hard for it in your life. Get thousands of job opportunities on United OPT as they have got a team of professionals who will get you hired in less time. United OPT is a specialized platform providing CPT/OPT Jobs and H1b sponsorship to their clients. They will provide you end to end assistance from professional resume writing to resume marketing.


Conclusion: – OPT Jobs is one of the most important parts of every international student’s life in the USA. OPT Jobs are extendable for 24 months so the total amounts of time OPT program provides you to work is 36 months. It is a great opportunity which you cannot take lightly. Hire professional consultants and get an OPT Job quickly as you will get only 90 days to find an OPT Job.

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