Jo Jorgensen: A Breath of Fresh Air in The 2020 Election

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I’m a registered libertarian, but these days I have often felt I may be more of a libertarian-leaning independent. I have been on the fence regarding my involvement in the party, in part due to the feelings I share with some of our founding fathers on the flaws of political parties in America, third party, or no. To interrupt my thoughts and musings, however, came a strike of lightning. The party took me by surprise. I have been curiously eyeing the convention and the tidbits coming out of the race for the presidential nomination of America’s largest third party, wondering which candidate they would choose. 

There were undoubtedly many characters competing at the Libertarians’ online convention, orthodox and not, who eyed the prize. Many capable men presented a strong case for the nomination from moderates to former republicans to “crash and burn” anarchists and political satirists. Yet there are few in the mainstream who would have guessed that the National Libertarian Party would choose the woman among them at their online convention. Jo Jorgensen emerged the victor, on a final round of votes by gathered delegates.  A businesswoman, and Clemson University lecturer,  she was a close and worthy contender for sure, but a surprise for many.

Nonetheless, is Jo Jorgensen the right woman for the job of taking on the two parties? 

Democrats Don’t Seem to Think So 

Joe Biden is at the center of yet another scandal for racially charged remarks he made during a recent interview, and already under fire for past allegations of sexual assault. The sitting Republican choice for president, Donald Trump had previously failed in his quest to become the chivalrous champion of women with sexual allegations of his own, and an embarrassing past leaked video that revealed some of his uncomfortable “locker room” conversations. It’s no wonder then that Jo Jorgensen is quickly moving to present herself as both a sensible choice and a fresh alternative in this election, and Twitter shortly followed reviving the #imwither tag. 

Democrats have not taken kindly to the comparison, with pundits on the left, like this commentator from CNN recycling some of the same tired arguments from 2016 and every election that ever came before it. They argue that a vote for Jorgensen is a “Vote for Trump” because she will no doubt siphon support from the much more minority and female-friendly Joe Biden. 

Does Jorgensen Offer Us a Dosage of Sanity?

Jorgenson’s credentials in the private sector are not entirely unimpressive. She has experience in business and marketing and even founded a successful software company. She holds a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology to complement her MBA. Lecturing in psychology at Clemson University, she is undoubtedly well-versed in the field, and we could use a psychologist to address the insanity we’ve been seeing in our political system, especially over the last few years. 

Her platform is one of limited government and individual liberty with a dose of healthy pragmatism, and a sturdy foundation of facts to support a well-grounded philosophy, albeit stubbornly rooted in libertarian ideals. She advocates a number of sensible reforms, including a balanced budget and an end to the War on Drugs and failing foreign interventions by the U.S military. 

She certainly stands out among the two old white men who have become a sore and all too familiar sight to American voters in many past elections, and a political outsider with no currently known scandals, she’s no Hilary Clinton. 

Like her not, she’s a force to be reckoned with and a breath of fresh air in this painfully familiar presidential race. Whether or not you can say #imwithher, Jo Jorgensen is worth looking into. 

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