Climbing The Ladder to Career Success


Somethings you’ll need to know to get to the top…


If you’ve decided to pursue success the old fashioned way, through hard work and determination to succeed at your current jump, then you may have an uphill climb, but the effort is well worth the reward. You will need to do a bit of homework on your own as the path to success will vary by company, industry, job classification, and more, but there is usually a clear path up.

You can be well on your way up the ladder of career success in no time by keeping some of these concepts in mind and bringing them to execution.

Know Your Avenues for Moving up

For some people who may be new to the workforce, it may be easy to assume that promotions are just handed to people. Too many make the mistake of believing that if we work hard, do a good job, and show up on time every day. Eventually, a boss will come to us and say, “Hey, you want a promotion?” but the truth is, you have to go after. Most companies today usually have some kind of clear path for doing so.

Many companies pride themselves in hiring from among their own for important positions, such as supervisory and managerial roles, as well as other specialists. These same companies, however, aren’t just going to hand out a promotion randomly. To avoid the appearance favoritism and in order to select the best candidates, most companies will usually have a formal system for posting and announcing jobs, and avenue for you to apply. Ask your manager or HR representatives about upcoming opportunities, their requirements, and how to apply. More than likely, in today’s digital world, you’ll probably be using some kind of online portal

Update and Build your Resume

Even if you’re planning on staying with your current employer for life, you will still need to keep your resume fresh as it will be a valuable tool in moving up within the company. Build your resume by developing new skills, furthering your education, and taking on additional responsibilities in the company even if the opportunities don’t carry additional pay. This may be volunteering to train fellow associates, or joining a safety or activities committee, or working as a “back up lead,” these are just a few things that might look good on a resume when you apply to move up.

Ask your HR rep or manager about opportunities to get more involved in your team and programs that may provide you with additional training and education for free.

Check out this article about creating a well-crafted and well-formatted resume.

Master the Interview

Again, even though you may plan on staying with the same company for a while, you will still need to learn how to conduct a job interview. You may also have to plan based on questions that will be asked specific to your company’s process and the individual responsibilities of the position. It’s always good to ask for advice and interview tips from bosses, HR reps, and other fellow associates in the company who may offer insight to offer and possess familiarity with their interview process.

Here you can find some common interview questions that often blindside unprepared candidates.

Pursue Your Plan for Success

If you want to succeed in your career and climb the ladder to success, nothing beats just going out and doing it. Craft a plan from the day you land your job to the day you interview for your promotion, and go out and do it! In the meanwhile love and shine at what you are doing, and you will succeed, but if you can’t do that, it may be time to craft a new plan and pursue a new path to success…

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