New Job Seekers: You Must See These 4 Best Job Search Sites

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Most of us, especially if you’re new among job seekers can agree that this is a very long and difficult process, and certainly a frustrating one. Average job seekers, according to, will take as long as 90 days and 25 resume submissions before they land a job. With more and more job seekers entering the market place and the internet making things more competitive than ever you may even find your search taking more consistency than that. Don’t give up! There are plenty of tools to help.

So far I have given you some advice to help you write a great resume. I’ve also offered my professional resume services, which you’ll find to be both high quality and low-cost, but that’s beside the point. We’ve also talked about how to master the interview, or at least answer some very important and difficult questions on job interviews you will commonly encounter.

With this job interview and resume writing advice in mind, we also want to discuss some of the best job search sites online, especially available to relatively new job seekers. Each one has some valuable advantages and tools we will discuss, and some have crossover features as well. For example 3 of these 4 best job search sites I have used I allowed you upload a resume ready for instant applications to numerous online job listings.

These features and many more make it not only more easy convenient to find our way as job seekers but also help new job seekers with tools and advice to help you get hired. There are many websites and online tools tailored for recruiters and job seekers alike, so keep in mind that these platforms I discuss are but a few, however, I have found them to be the 4 best job search sites online. This is especially so if you’re just starting. We discuss some of their advantages below. Since these job search sites are completely free to use I also recommend utilizing each one and setting up a free account. The more resumes you send out the better your chances are for being called up for an interview and sticking out among sometimes, several hundred candidates.

So check out these 4 best job search sites specially designed for job seekers new and old alike:

Monster is probably one the most classic job search sites you will come across. The template is user-friendly and very simple to use, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. Monster’s services, while simplistic in design can go leaps and bounds in providing you with a smoother experience as a job seeker. Job seekers may upload their resume online or create them right on the website using a simple form they fill out online, making this an ideal service for job seekers who are just starting.

Best of all Monster will even offer a FREE professional evaluation of your online profile providing their professional resume services staff to provide you with some helpful advice and insights. That means even if you never use your Monster account to apply for a job you will still receive some value from signing up that may help you land a job somewhere else in the future.

Typically job seekers will be emailed by Monster staff and informed that their resume evaluation will be available in 2 or 3 business days.

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Indeed! is another one of the best job search sites online and is probably also the most well known to many professionals including job seekers and hiring managers alike. Indeed!, as one the best job search sites out there makes it very convenient to upload or create your resume online, just like Monster, and just like Monster they also provide you access to hundreds or even thousands of jobs that may be available in your area. You will also receive the opportunity to opt-in for job alerts via email, and may even receive regular updates on the status of an active application by text so you’ll always be in the know.

Another interesting feature of is that they also offer their job seekers skill assessments, which may be taken only once online. Users may choose to make their results public or not, but scores may be required by some employers and used to determine if an employer can do a job in place of what you may be able to produce on paper. Skills assessment may be handy for job seekers with a limited amount of experience and/or education as they may provide a way to showcase their expertise through assessment scores. This also allows recruiters to get a better idea of whether or not their candidates can actually do the job well in the field, or only on paper.

This makes Indeed!¬†One of the best job search sites for recruiters and job seekers alike especially if they may be pursuing these job-seeking services for more “outside the box” projects and hires.
Craig’s List

It may surprise you to see a website with a reputation like listed as one of my top 4 best job search sites on the web, however, one must look past the website’s reputation and what it has to offer uniquely as a platform. I have found that Craig’s List while it has developed a reputation as being an online haven for selling used junk, scams, and casual sexual encounters, the job seeker has a lot to gain from using Craig’s List. This can be especially true if you are a certain kind of job seeker.

Craig’s List is always ideal for anything local and anything smaller scale. Craig’s list will allow you to find jobs you may not find on other job search sites that may include jobs by small and local organizations, or jobs for temporary local projects. With a whole separate section for “Gig” jobs in various categories, it also provides a valuable tool for freelancers and independent contractors who may be finding themselves in a dry time when it comes to finding customers and clients. Craig’s List also may be ideal for job seekers who are seeking part-time or temporary work as opposed to other job search sites that may primarily be focused on finding full-time professionals. Finally, it is also ideal for entry-level applicants.

Typically, our best job search sites will offer a format where you can set up an account and apply right on the platform. Other listings will redirect you to a company website to fill out an application there or to upload your resume on a separate form. With Craig’s list, the only way to apply for jobs listed is to either be redirected in such a way, or to email a resume and cover letter to the contact on the listing.

This may make the job application process slower and more primitive than other platforms, but it can still be a helpful tool depending on your needs. For more professional positions you may also find it less competitive.


best job search sites
Linkedin is probably my personal favorite of all 4 of these best job search sites, perhaps because the millennial in me loves the idea of a job search site that also acts as a professional and business-oriented social media platform not that different from MySpace or Facebook.

As a professional social media platform, Linkedin allows you not only to job search but also to network with professionals online. Linkedin allows you to connect, collaborate with, and share valuable information and content with bosses and colleagues alike. It’s also an ideal platform if you’re looking to promote a business-to-business product or service you may offer. By creating a Linkedin profile that follows a format not that different from Facebook, it allows you to showcase yourself as a professional and/or entrepreneur through a fully customizable public profile that is almost guaranteed to be seen by professionals you’re looking and may be looking for you.

There are sections on your profile that go above and beyond what you may see on a standard resume. You may list skills that could include endorsements from other professionals you’ve worked with on Linkedin along with accomplishments, training, and educational credentials. You can also showcase your work experience, volunteer work, online portfolios, and much, much more. It is essentially everything professional social media should be.

Not only that but Linkedin STILL offers the same features as the other two of our best job search sites Indeed! and Monster. You may upload your professional resume on Linkedin along with cover letters to instantly apply for jobs while browsing hundreds and even thousands of jobs in your area that match your background. Just like the other best job search sites it you can make smooth sailing of your experience as a new job seeker or give it an upgrade as an old one.

Linkedin is completely free to use but they also offer monthly paid services for professional job seekers and business owners alike to help them take their endeavors to the next level. With custom-tailored plans for both sides of the job spectrum, they provide a little bit of something for everyone.

For these reasons and more, while there are many advantages to all of the websites I’ve mentioned so far, I must rate Linkedin as number 1 of my best job search sites online.

The good news is you don’t have to choose just one. As a job seeker, you really have to put yourself out there. So I encourage you to fully take advantage of all the best job search sites out there and everything they have to offer. It’s definitely worth it, especially since most of them are free!

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