Secret Hints of Evolution In The Bible?

evolution in the bible


Recently I was writing for a Freelance project on my Fiverr page that required me to research the creation account according to the Bible, found in the book of Genesis. It had been a few years since I read the story, but there were a few small things that stuck out to me. It made me think of a movie I watched a few years ago entitled The Genesis Code, which included a rather elaborate discussion about the nature of time as it pertains to God, suggesting some biblical support for the Old Earth Theory that tends to support the Theory of Evolution over the idea of Creationism. Early on there seemed to be an interesting analysis of some of the science of some references we see to evolution in the bible. Throughout the movie, some persuasive cases are made on how the Bible may correlate with, not contradict some of the theories of modern science, including those that would seem on their face at least to contradict the creation account.

Even in just one chapter of Genesis, I began to ask questions of my own. I am not saying I fully embrace some form of biblical Intelligent Design, or that are loads of references to evolution in the bible. I am simply saying I entertain the possibility. I am willing to believe that at least some of the Bible, especially the Old Testament given the nature of its more poetic language, may not be 100% literal, especially in giving us the creation account. I am simply saying that I find myself asking is it possible that we may find at least vague references to concepts that correlate with the accounts according to the book of Genesis Vs. the Theory of Evolution?

Here are just a few small vestiges I have found.

Water As The First Element

According to the book of Genesis what existed before God created the universe? Nothing right? Wrong! Looking at the text we see according to Genesis Chapter 1:1-2:

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the heavens the earth, and the earth was without form and void, and darkness covered the face of the deep and the spirit of God moved upon the face of waters.”

In other words, three things pre-dated the universe itself as we know it:

  1. God
  2. Darkness (“the void” or “space”)
  3. water

We see no reference to God creating water it was just kind of always there. The first time God does deal with water in creation is after creating light when he separates the “firmament” or atmosphere from the waters. After that in verse 9, he calls for the waters to “come together in one place” perhaps symbolic of the elements, including the dominating hydrogen element, which would form the earth’s dominant substance, water. All of them coming together as in the Big Bang Theory of evolution, right here in the bible. At that point he would then separate the water from the dry land, giving us the oceans, seas, rivers, and so on…

Now granted, most scientists have not reached any real conclusion or consensus on which element of the universe was the first to exist. However, some theories suggest either hydrogen or helium were likely the first elements and we do know that they remain the most abundant. Could it be that an ancient writer who didn’t know about the elements of the universe and could not describe these unfamiliar substances may have mistaken or mistranslated hydrogen for “water”?

Let there be Light” and The Expanding Universe

On the very first day of creation, God created only one thing “light” along with it he created the cycles of earth’s rotation we call day and night by “separating the darkness and the light”

What’s interesting here is that God created light, not all of the heavenly bodies of light including the moon and stars. Even with day and night we only see a bland rotation between darkness and light, “day and night” It wasn’t until later after day three came that God created the “bodies of light” we see in the sky. This would support the theory that the universe started with one star and through gravity created the other stars later on.

In seeming to focus on the creation of one planet and its light source (the first star?) it would also seem to support the theory of the expanding universe, which would suggest that the universe started very small and grew larger over time. So here we see, at least when it comes to celestial bodies, some agreement with parts of evolution in the bible.

Bio-Organisms’ Evolution in The Bible


The references a we see of the evolution process in Genesis might not be obvious but if we look closely enough we seem to see that the order of things matches up. We see that at least in order there does seem to be some correlation between evolution and the creation account. For example, we need look no further than where the scientific and biblical origins of life began. First, of course, he started with plant life, but the first moving creatures he created were to be found in a familiar element that we discussed further up.

Genesis 1:20 states

“And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.”

In other words, if we read on through Genesis and the “creationist” account we see that moving life began in water. We then see that after that life gradually left the water to eventually sprout wings. It wasn’t until the next day that God would create the land-dwelling beasts. So we see that evolution in the bible at least follows a vaguely similar order to evolution in science.

This would seem to correlate with some theories surrounding the stages of evolution in which life began first as amoebic water-dwelling creatures that evolved into fish and eventually sprouted legs to walk on land as amphibians, something of an in-between stage that granted we don’t see in the Genesis account. Eventually, though, amphibians sprout wings as flying reptilian creatures, then following the order of the creationist account we we see the birds. After the birds, we begin to see the evolutionary emergence of mammals. After that, last, and always last we see man. So when you study Genesis and evolution side by side and you weigh the order of things at least, evolution in the bible doesn’t seem so far fetched.

None of this is to say that the bible and the creationist theory are a direct match to the Theory of Evolution. But it is still fun to see how evolution in the bible at least vaguely plays out, and it is interesting to know the similarities between the differing accounts of science and faith.

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