Innocent Blood Pt. 1: Why I Oppose the Death Penalty


As a kid, the world seemed like a much simpler place. We knew who the bad guys were. We had a basic understanding of right and wrong, and a very clear moral compass. Everything was black and white, good vs. evil. As adults, we learn that real life is not so simple.

What crime is worse than murder? You prematurely end the life of a person who didn’t deserve it and leave their families behind to suffer from their loss. “An Eye for An Eye, a Tooth for Tooth” After all, the man or woman who is accused of such a heinous crime and is convicted by our court system always deserves it. Right? Wrong!

A life for a life, it seemed like a fair trade. That’s why I supported capital punishment, but as I got older I began to hear more and more cases that have revealed that things are often not what they seem in the courtroom. Too often in the courtroom justice get’s the wrong guy. Too many times our justice system because of its flaws has convicted the innocent. And for all the cases we know of, how many more may exist that we don’t even know about? There are certainly many flaws that can be addressed and I’ve proposed at least a few on this blog, but it may never be a perfect system. The death penalty is permanent and forever irreversible. There can be no healing nor reconciliation, no closure and no revelation of the truth that is needed for justice to prevail. After many of the cases I have seen over the years I have been convinced of two things:

1. The state cannot be trusted with the decision of who should live and who should die.

2. The government should not be given the right to murder its own citizens.

Tomorrow, in my next entry I will share just three of the many cases that explain why I will always oppose the death penalty.

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