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I’m posting this to announce the release of my new book “You’re Wrong About Immigration: An Open Letter to Donald Trump.” In this book I discuss the facts on immigration as they relate to our current policies, and the discussion on the American political scene.

For some time now I have offered an online service writing letters to Congress, and other public officials for clients seeking to make their voices heard as well as for activism and advocacy. In many ways, the format of this book, written as a letter addressed to the president, was inspired by my work there.

The book goes beyond merely criticizing President Trump’s harsh immigration policies and extreme enforcement methods and explores extensive data and history. The book explores some of the history of immigration in the United States and of the governments many failed policies that have contributed to the refugee crisis that appears to have been brewing on our own national border. These are not just sentiments held by the reader or a partisan group, but also a discussion of the facts on immigration and written in a way to educate and inform the reader as much as to provoke a thoughtful discussion.

The book also suggests remedies and reforms that work for Americans on all sides of the political spectrum as well as the immigrants aspiring to come here, who I argue help to make America great. The book is backed by substantial research and historical facts. In this book I don’t just give an alternative perspective, but also present the cold hard facts on immigration. These facts have been backed by historical examples, research from universities and think-tanks, and scholastic essays and books on the subjects I discuss. These facts will also help you better understand the immigration issue as it relates to our history, and some of the research available, allowing you to better understand the issue and discuss it more effectively.

The book is available as a paperback or Kindle book on

You can find more information on my author profile recently featured in the local news, here in Central Pennsylvania.

I encourage you to check out the book for yourself. Amazon even offers a free peak so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth the read.

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