Reflections on, and A quick Salute to Ron Paul


The first presidential candidate I truly supported and stumped for was Michael Badnarik, the first one I truly appreciated was Harry Browne, but the first presidential candidate that truly got me into and on fire for politics and current events, the first one that gave me a reason to actually try was Ron Paul.

During the 2016 election, it came out that the Democratic National Convention in America may have rigged the race against Bernie Sanders. This became big news that became a blot on the Democrats despite the fact that just four years before the GOP had done the same to Ron Paul. Ballots were thrown out on stage, and the treatment of Paul supporters at the 2012 convention was so shameful, delegates supporting him walked out. A Republican strategist, DeeDee Benkie, in the days leading up to the Iowa Caucus made it clear on a Breitbart interview that despite what the polls were saying Ron Paul would not win in the state because certain authority figures in the party would prevent it. His message was a threat to the platform and to the mainstream candidates of the Republican party, and they made sure it was not heard. One must wonder what the GOP would look like today if they gave his message and his supporters a fair chance.

To this day I don’t know his secret. Ron Paul did not just attract a lot of support for controversial viewpoints, he attracted the most passionate supporters big time and small time. I used to think it was because he voiced views so many of us had but never heard anyone in either of the two parties say, I used to think he was the voice of America’s dissent and differentiation to the norm we get from the two political parties. Yet I see candidates for office that get nowhere near his support, and nowhere near the passion from their supporters, despite the fact they share in his passion and vision for America. I also see many of his former supporters embracing authoritarian candidates, and consenting to interventionism under the table.
I am led to believe his support comes not from his views but who he is as a person. He sticks to his guns, he’s honest, he’s sincere, and he is passionate, and to me best of all, he is intelligent and knows what he’s talking about.
He was willing to be a social Pariah among house republicans for 20 years+ in standing for what he believes in, and he was willing to be booed by an arena full of conservatives for advocating the Golden Rule in American government.
So why the random Ron Paul rant? He’s retired from politics. Maybe I am just realizing that  I have watched both the rise and the fall of his movement, and maybe I am mourning the fact that the positive vision he had for America will never come to pass in his lifetime, and probably not even in mine…
It is a shame to see the hope of honest and sincere men wiped out by the corruption, dishonesty, and overall greed and selfishness that dominates the discussion today. Such is the way of American politics especially if we continue to perpetuate the two-party system that monopolizes both the discussion in American politics and the future of generations likely to suffer because their negligence, greed, and overall ignorance in the executions of their offices and the powers they misuse.

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