If The Wall Goes Down Who Will Fund Its Fall?



Today I’m going to be taking a break from my blog series exploring the law enforcement and criminal just system to examine another issue always hot upon Americans’ minds after our most recent presidential election: the wall. It is a structure which if (or perhaps when) erected will likely forever cast a shadow of remembrance for the Trump presidency. For better or for worse it will be for all time the most spectacular remnant of his legacy.

The first and most common question almost always asked in the enactment of a new policy or initiative and even in the undertaking of just about any action by the government is simple:

“How are we going to fund it?”

In the case of the wall the answer was presented so simply a child could understand it, and perhaps the child would believe it. Who knew so many millions of adults could also fall for the rouse? Mexico, as hopefully most of us have figured out by now, will not be paying for the wall as promised. Instead, it is demanded that Congress will fund it either through tariffs or taxation or as Congress has done before through the hidden taxation of printing and inflation. In any of the above cases, it will be coming out of the pockets of American citizens already weary of a still growing debt further expanded under a president who promised to cut it in half.

The wall incurring a further expense at some point may likely be seen for what it is: A pointless pile of metal and stone. It may slow a vital supply of labor to American farms and businesses who remain hardpressed to get Americans to apply, and it may send an eerie message to the rest of the world, and best of all while criminals may find a way around it law-abiding citizens will get to experience one more obstacle to their Freedom of Movement.

During his presidential campaign in 2016 Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson predicted a few times that eventually as happened with the Wall of Berlin it would eventually be torn down. He may or may not be right. Maybe people will accept with it complacency, content to dwell on their side of the wall and all the symbols that come with it. Maybe some Americans will see it for what it is it, a useless structure that serves no purpose other than to keep the commonfolk in their place, the rats in their cages. Maybe many will demand the wall be torn down.

In that case, we are once again back to square one. That nagging questions that always show up in these debates.

“Where will get the funding for the demolition of the wall?

I think we could raise it privately. If Americans want  the wall to go down it will go down. We could even add a special incentive for people to support it. Each donor if their contribution exceeds a certain amount to be determined they will receive a piece of the wall. We could have separate prices for a wire or a post in the fence or a stone from the great wall itself. For an additional donation, the piece could be engraved with the donor’s name.

Each person could then have a souvenir to remind them and those around them they played a part In American history.

If the wall goes up and down again I  for one would gladly purchase such a part in history.





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