The Question of Justice



“Liberty and Justice for all” These are words we too often hear in the monotone nationalistic chants and repetitions as we go about our daily lives and as we continue seeking and hoping to live in a society that truly establishes a just and free society for all. This is the great question of the ages, one that people have tried to answer for thousands of years. Indeed I would say that billions across this globe would all roar in agreement that there truly is no justice in the world. Some have simply accepted while others have pursued vain attempts to change it, usually through force and sometimes even through methods that indeed diminish rather than enhance this great concept. Then came America with a bold idea to establish a truly free and just society in the great experiment that is the United States. I would argue that our attempts at justice are the most admirable, the boldest, and even the most concise. There is no question more complicated and we have applied complicated answers and complex systems in this endeavor, particular through the American justice system and in particular in the court of law.

Despite this however, we must acknowledge that the system is flawed. It works very well for some and for some perhaps a bit too well as they slip through the loopholes to escape justice leading to even more injustice. It has also at times worked unfairly and to the detriment of others caught in the hard blows of the judge’s gavel, sometimes despite their innocence either of breaking the law, or in wrongdoing because of an unjust law.

It would seem then, that despite all of our virtuous attempts to change this that the Fountain of Justice still runs dry. For that reason the next few posts will be discussing the concept of justice, attempting to provide answers and to fix identifiable flaws particularly in the American system. In the posts that lie ahead we will discuss laws, an unjust prison system, the unjust laws that fill it, and the unjust court system that upholds those laws. In this discussion I will attempt to answer these questions through reason and logic as well as through creative problem solving and outside the box approaches not yet pursued in the establishment of a just and fair society.

More to come soon…

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